Year in Review!!

IT’S OFFICIAL . . .  T12 was granted nonprofit status June 4, 2015!  With that, it appears God intends to move us forward in extraordinary ways.  But before we tell you about that, we’d like to share with you a recap of the last 12 months. 

Last summer 2014, we found ourselves going from helping one Haitian child with an education, to quickly adding 2 more, which then turned to 4.  Finally, by March 2015, with the help of our first open house and those people who stepped up to make a difference, we were fully sponsoring 12 students to attend school.  This included covering costs for their transportation, at least one meal a day, uniforms, and any medical needs. 

In May, we took our first team of 6 women to Haiti on an Impact Trip, and it was impactful!  We visited the school of one of our sponsored children, as well as a couple of the homes of the students. We held a day camp for our T12 students, which allowed sponsors to meet and get to know them. We also got to play and interact with children in a neighborhood with a high population of kids who do not have the opportunity to attend school. Many times, we volunteered in a burn clinic. We visited a beautiful waterfall and got to drive through the mountains, a beautiful experience that was unlike anything you would imagine.  

But the highlight of the trip was that we traveled to Kenscoff – a small village in the mountains.  This is the home of three T12 students.  These children walk up to three hours a day in order to attend school.  As we later learned, the village had operated a school that, at one time, had educated about 150 students. After the earthquake in 2010, the village had been hit hard by cholera and was forced to shut down three years ago due to lack of funds.  It was so humbling to be there in that small mountain village and hear the people talk about their village, their people and their dreams to re-open their school.  The trip concluded with a stay at the beautiful resort Kaliko.  It was truly a transformational trip, the first of many we are sure of.  

In June, after receiving our nonprofit status, T12 held its first board meeting; the first item we voted on was to partner alongside the village people of Kenscoff and raise financial support to re-open the school.  We are so excited as we move forward and watch God move mountains to make this dream for the Kenscoff people a reality. 

That brings us to today.  From 1 to 2, then 4, and finally 12, and now another 72. That adds up to 84 children; God has entrusted us seven-fold!  Thanks to all who have helped in this past year through prayer and volunteering of your time and financial donations.  We would not be where we are without every one of you.  

 Excited about what God is doing with T12? Here are a few ways you can get involved:

 ·       SAVE THE DATE:  JOIN US FOR A HAITIAN STYLE DINNER:  T12 will be hosting an informational dinner Friday, September 25th.  Invitations going out soon.

 ·       VOLUNTEER:  If you are interested in volunteering with T12, we would LOVE to have you! Please send us an email at

 ·       SPONSOR A CHILD: BE ON THE LOOKOUT…. Our new students will be added to the website shortly!

 ·       DONATE:  As we seek God’s direction, we find more investments to overcome the barriers to education.  Any dollar amount helps us meet those needs to ensure children have access to education and families stay together.  Tax deductible donations can be made by mail or online by visiting our website