Wrapping it up.

Our entire team has returned from Haiti safe and sound. While everyone is physically unscathed, each of our team members is working through their own emotional and spiritual battle. As is the American way, society expects the transition back into our reality to be seamless, however, each of our team members needs to take time and process their experience in their own way. One of the most difficult concepts to grasp for many when seeing the reality of a third world country is that seeing a different way of life does not make ours bad. At Transformed Twelve, we believe that one of the beauties of Impact Trips is the prompting to question reality, and ultimately expand our world view. God challenges us to follow Him even when it is difficult in order to understand His plan, and while this truth can make it easier to transition, coming home is still by no means easy. Focusing on our accomplishments is one way we like to process the transition home, so here are some T12 updates from the trip that we would like to share with you.

There is a school in the mountainous village of Kenscoff that once educated 150 kids from the surrounding area. This school was shut down 3 years ago due to a lack of available funding in the community, which then caused all of the students to decide either to end their education or walk over an hour through the mountains every day to another school. As a team, T12 had the opportunity to visit this former school and speak with community members about the status of the school itself, community attitudes towards education, and potential student enrollment. After conversations with many leaders in Kenscoff, including the village pastor and a former schoolteacher, it was obvious that the community was fully committed to providing an avenue for education close to home. Following further conversation, Transformed Twelve has decided to partner with the community of Kenscoff and reopen the K-5 school. Many of the teachers still live within the community, as does the principal, and as of right now there are already nearly 50 students signed up for the fall semester. God truly opened doors and we believe he will continue to provide for the needs of The Kenscoff School Project. Stay tuned for more information about how to get involved with the school and the students!

Additionally, T12 has hired a Haitian School Director, Josue, to supervise the Kenscoff School Project both throughout the reopening process and everyday operations moving forward. Transformed Twelve is thrilled to have Josue joining the family, and we can’t wait to see the big things God has in store. Josue has previous ministry experience, is a man of God, and has a true heart of compassion for all of the T12 students and potential students in Kenscoff. Transformed Twelve is truly blessed to have Josue join our incredible team in Haiti.

The Kenscoff School Project has lead to plans for T12’s next Impact Trip. We plan for this to be a men’s trip lead by Transformed Twelve’s founder Jim Mohs, with a heavy focus on getting the school ready for the year. Some of the many projects included on this Impact Trip are: hanging chalk boards, building room dividers, fixing benches and desks, and spending time with the community of Kenscoff and teaching them how to care for a school. The dates for this Impact Trip are not finalized right now, but we are tentatively planning for late September. If this is a trip that interests you please feel free to contact teagan@transformedtwelve.org and stay updated on our Impact Trip page.

Overall, our first Impact Trip was a huge success and we are so thankful for all of you that have been supporting us whether it be financially or through donations or prayer. We can honestly never do it without you!

Josue, Kenzie, Teagan, Paige, Wadson in front of the Kenscoff school!

Josue, Kenzie, Teagan, Paige, Wadson in front of the Kenscoff school!