THANK YOU! As I began to write this year’s letter to thank you for being a part of T12, I had a hard time narrowing down all the things we are thankful for! Then it occurred to me I am most thankful for the HOPE given by each of you who gave financially, were sponsors, or part of a trip, volunteered and supported us in prayer! HOPE: without it, you have nothing; with it, you have everything!

Over the past 4 years, I have watched families slowly starting to believe that they can actually have HOPE that their basic needs, such as food and water, will be met. HOPE that their children will receive an education. HOPE that their families will stay together. HOPE that they can actually dream of a future. This is what you have helped T12 provide…. HOPE!

Take a look at the pictures below of 3 of the St. Fort boys taken in 2015 and again in 2018. The boys had not been able to attend school for 2 years, and their parents were struggling to feed them. The family had no hope. But over the past 3 years, we have watched this family not only survive but also THRIVE (see the family photo below)! You can see it in their faces. Thank you for giving them HOPE!

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 10.20.31 PM.png

As we close out the year 2018, we feel incredibly blessed. T12 is running beautifully and making a difference in peoples’ lives! We are able to make a difference and provide HOPE only through your financial donations. Please consider a year-end (tax deductible) donation to help us meet our goal of raising $30,000 through a general donation or a student sponsorship. T12 runs on a very minimal operating budget that was gifted from a kind donor. Therefore, 100% of your donation dollars goes directly to Haiti.

Checks made out to Transformed Twelve can be mailed to: c/o Paige Mohs 2790 Silver View Drive Orono MN 55356 You can also donate on our website at TRANSFORMEDTWELVE.ORG Every gift is appreciated, and every gift brings HOPE! A heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us at T12. Jim and Paige Mohs - Founders, Wadson Maxime – Director in Haiti Teri Myhran, Rich Pointer, Jennifer Imsland, Sherry Gorman – Board Members