The Story of How T12 Began

It started with a trip to Haiti

In May of 2013, Jim and Paige Mohs had the honor of going to Haiti on a Mission trip. Both of them felt a strong stirring in their spirits that this trip would be life changing, but nothing could have prepared them for just how life changing it has been.

When they arrived, their eyes were opened to a world they had never seen before. A world full of loneliness and despair, starvation and illness, hopelessness and spiritual longing. Yet, at the same time, they saw a world full of love, community, life, healing, hopefulness, and spiritual joy! How could all these juxapostions exist in one place?

While there, Jim and Paige fell in love with two precious boys: Issac and CC. Jim and Paige then sponsored 15-year-old Guyvenson (Guy) from Cite Soleil to come to the US to attend high school (which led to their adopting him!!).

It was then that Jim and Paige knew they had a calling to Haiti. Over the next year, Paige continued to visit Haiti five more times. And rather quickly that calling began to take shape.

Relationships began to form

Along the way, they've been blessed with missionary friends in Haiti who have cared for them in beautiful ways. Jim and Paige now have many Haitian friends who have brought them to a deeper love for Haiti and its people. This includes Transformed Twelve's very special friend, Wadsonβ€”an honorable man who walks with Jesus in a way they feel humbled to witness.

Through all this, Jim and Paige began to see the need for helping Haitians of all ages with the opportunity to attend school, as well as help with their nutritional, and even spiritual needs. The first year of Transformed Twelve saw a total of 12 children and young adults were given that opportunity!

You're invited to join us

We invite you to come alongside us in serving the beautiful people of Haiti.

The entire Mohs family is deeply honored and blessed to be serving God in this way. Their prayer is to be faithful to His plans for Transformed Twelve and not their own plans. Jim and Paige's desire is for all to experience the abundance He has to offer in a life transformed.

If you'd like to reach out Jim or Paige to know more how T12 all began, we invite you to contact them personally