Blog #2 from Impact Trip Team! By Jonny Schmid

Jonny Schmid

It is day five of the Haiti trip and I am having a great time.  The Haitian people are amazing.  They impress me with their smiles and constant joy.  So far we have met most of the Transform 12 kids; they are great.  They love to play soccer and try to talk to you.  The little ones always are asking for a ride on our shoulders or for a piggy back ride.  We have also visited a village in the mountains and spent time with the kids there as well.  Soccer has been interesting, the heat and the lack of practice makes it harder to compete with the Haitian boys.  It has been a blast and the way these people keep smiling even through what they have endured and what they live in is incredible.  I can say I have learned a lot from this experience.