Meet the Transformed Twelve Students

Highlighting four sisters Madeline, Djoulie, Dieufanie, and Merline

On our trip to Haiti in May of 2015 we met a family of four sisters in Cabaret.  We were visiting Cabaret to meet all the kids who were not able to go to school and to spend some time with them.  These four sisters, Madeline Joseph (13), Djoulie Simon (11), Dieufanie Jean (8), and Merline Jean (3), came running out of their house to play with us all!  After a few minutes however, they noticed that most of the other kids were dressed in their best clothes.  The oldest called out to the other three and they all left.  A few minutes later they came back dressed in their Sunday best!  It was so sweet to watch how engaged these girls are and how they love and take care of each other.  These girls are now part of Transformed Twelve and are so excited for the opportunity to go to school!  All four of them now have big dreams for their future and are working hard in school to make those dreams a reality for themselves.  Madeline dreams of becoming a doctor someday, Djoulie and Dieufanie both dream of becoming nurses, and little Merline likes the color blue!  All four of these girls still need sponsors.  Visit the Sponsor a Student page on our website to get more information about how you can become a sponsor and help to continue their education.  Below is a picture of the four of them headed off to school in their new uniforms and gorgeous smiles!