let the countdown begin

Things are ramping up here at the T12 office! Only one week left before we make our way back down to Haiti to see our friends. We are excited to be taking a team of women down with us this time. We are looking forward to doing some pretty cool things on our trip, including a camp with the T12 kids, going to tour some schools, playing with neighborhood kids that aren’t able to attend school, and other things of this nature. 

Some of our team members have volunteered to share with you how they have been led to go on this Impact Trip before we head down next weekend. During our time in Haiti we will be keeping you up to date on our travels and experiences right here on our blog so stay tuned for that.

Below is a list of donations we need by Monday, please consider donating anything you can! To add to that just a bit, we are also looking for boys/mens “church clothes”. Including nice pants (black, navy, khaki, etc.) and button down collared shirts (long sleeve or short sleeve is fine!). ALL sizes are great. 

Thank you all for your continued support!

-T12 Team