Papiyon Jonn (the yellow butterfly) - Day 2

Hearing the word Haiti used to scare me a little bit. I was ignorant to the inner beauty that exists within a country that I used to imagine as dirty, underdeveloped and dangerous.

Two years ago my daughter Morgan spent a week in Haiti. It was a huge growing experience for both of us. I learned through her the beauty and joy of the Haitian culture. I also saw the depth of Morgan’s character and what an amazing person she is as a part of this world, not just as my daughter.

This year when Morgan asked me to join her in Haiti I was overwhelmed by the thought that she wanted to share this experience with me, especially at a time when many kids her age want nothing more than to finally be away from their parents. I am so grateful that I am able to be in Haiti with Morgan. I am humbled by the raw beauty and amazed by the unconditional love and joy that is so innate in everyone I have met.

In the short time that we have been here I have come to know and truly love the spirits of those I am traveling with. The girls have insights and compassion beyond most adults I know. They are incredible and mesmerizing to watch.

Last night our host, Jennifer, prayed over our dinner. What really stuck with me is that she asked for us to be able to listen for His words and prayed that we would know when we are needed and how to step in and help.

In spite of an exhausting travel day filled with obstacles I went to bed feeling completely at peace. I believe the delays and challenges we encountered offered me a view of Haitian life that I never would have had the opportunity to see otherwise. I fell asleep thinking about the yellow butterfly that arrived on the morning of Oliver’s memorial and stayed in one spot all day until late in the afternoon when we released yellow balloons…and then flew away. A yellow butterfly has shown up on every journey I have taken since that day…sweet dreams.

As we were walking to church this morning, I was holding hands with Morgan and Grace thinking about what Jennifer had said last night. I looked down and there was a yellow butterfly hovering around my ankles. Another one flew through our open air church while we were singing and one followed our car up a very long, very bumpy road to a waterfall at the top of a mountain.

I am listening, I have no more fears, I am ready.


Walking up to church.

Josue leading us in worship.

Walking down to the waterfall wit some T12 kids.

The whole gang at the waterfall. After the car got a little overheated we took a nice long "stroll/hike" up a mountain. 

Climbing down to see the waterfall.

Victory after accomplishing the hike.

Going back up!

Our fearless leaders.

Our fearless leaders.

Hanging with the kids and coloring away.

Sorting donations after a long day!